Asbestos has historically been used in many types of building products until its use was made illegal on 24th November 1999. Despite this, there are still an estimated 1.5 million non-domestic properties containing asbestos. Inhaled asbestos contributes to around 3,000 deaths a year from asbestos related diseases – this is set to rise to 10,000 deaths a year by 2030.


There is a clear need to implement safety measures when encountering asbestos in buildings in order to prevent the release of harmful fibres into the air. Possibly the safest and most cost effective method is asbestos encapsulation within a seamless, protective coating. This involves relatively little disturbance of the material, therefore minimising the risk.


There are a number of benefits to encapsulating asbestos rather than attempting to remove it. Firstly it eliminates the need to dispose of the removed asbestos, a process which can be costly and is subject to strict controls. Encapsulation work can also be completed quickly, thus reducing disruption,  on-site time, and all of the associated costs.

Sika Liquid Plastics Solution: Asbestolok® System

At Sika Liquid Plastics we have developed a special asbestos encapsulation system known as Asbestolok®, which incorporates Sikalastic®-625. Once installed, the system enables the asbestos to be left undisturbed and will provide protection from all of the associated dangers.


Our Asbestolok® system is suitable for external application and provides a seamless, elastomeric membrane which resists cracking and flaking.

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