Flat Roof Insulation

Sika Liquid Plastics manufacture a range of cold applied, and seamless liquid waterproofing solutions. A part of the Liquid Plastics offer includes our market leading single point guarantee, which covers our entire built up roofing system, including the insulation.

Insulation within a roofing system is of vital importance, especially in achieving the U-values you require. Within refurbishment situation, we can upgrade your current insulation and increase your U-value rating. All U-Value calculations form part of our in depth surveys and are included in our site reports, which are produced by our dedicated technical services department.


Sika Liquid Plastics works with our official partner to provide a comprehensive range of high performance, reliable insulation products. We can also provide and guarantee bespoke tapered insulation works as part of our system.

Why Insulate a Flat Roof?

Flat roofs can lose lots of heat and are prone to leaking when not applied of maintained correctly, causing the materials to deteriorate. Keeping it airtight to prevent condensation is the key and this can be achieved through insulation.

  • Reduction in heat loss
  • Providing fire resistance
  • Reducing noise pollution and more


Our extensive years of research, development and practical experience has resulted in the manufacture of an enviable array of products that are suitable for various application types and waterproofing membranes and systems.


Sika products have been specifically designed to meet the ever-increasing demands of flat and built up roofs. We provide reputable, problem-solving solutions that minimise the escape of heat and lower heating costs and help business structures become more energy efficient.


Rest assured if you need to fit flat roof and built up roof insulation, Sika has the materials you need for a hassle-free installation.

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