Sika Liquid Plastics have been manufacturing high performance protection and waterproofing systems for over 50 years.  In that time, our pioneering research and development has ensured continual advancements in technology and production of Sikalastic STP, a liquid applied waterproofing membrane for use on flat roofs that has been developed using a new innovative Silane Terminated Polymer (STP) technology. 

This technology was developed in the sealant market and combines the durability characteristics similar to that of a polyurethane with the weather resistance of silicones.

Specialist Solution for Sensitive Sites

Sikalastic STP has been developed as a specialist coating to complement our premium low odour range that includes our flagship polyurethane product Decothane Ultra.  Both products in the range emit virtually no odour when compared to many other liquid systems, which makes them ideal for use on roofs on occupied buildings such as hospitals, food manufacturing plants and schools.

The single pack, solvent free, cold applied liquid membrane is reinforced using a polyester fleece and is installed wet-on-wet.   This means that the polyester reinforcement fleece is first saturated with Sikalastic-650, bonding the membrane to the substrate, with the surface layer then applied onto the bonding coat whilst still wet, so forming a single seamless membrane of uniform thickness.  The saturation of the fleece determines the correct application rates making material consumption easy to monitor and verify. The advantage of this type of application is that on smaller roofs a one day application may be possible, because there is no need to wait for drying between coats.   

Features and Benefits

  • Virtually Odourless – minimises the chance for disruption to the operation of the building due to nuisance odours
  • Solvent free - reduces impact on the environment
  • Wet-on-Wet Application – membrane and reinforcement applied in one operation, minimising time on site and reducing labour costs
  • Cold Applied – eliminating the risk of fire on an occupied building during installation
  • Seamless – eliminates the possibility of joint failure through poor workmanship
  • Guarantees – system is backed by our single point guarantee, covering the entire roofing system from the deck upwards, and the workmanship of our Quality Assured Contractors will give you peace of mind
  • Full Service Package – this includes a consultation and roof survey, design and specification, all with guarantee and site support with every application
  • BBA certification – coming soon

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