Sika Liquid Plastics manufacture a range of quality, seamless, cold applied liquid roofing membranes of which Decothane is our key, flagship product.



  • Decothane is suitable for use on flat and pitched roof systems, and as a waterproofing roof membrane for our built-up roof systems.
  • Decothane is a totally seamless, single pack, liquid applied waterproofing membrane.
  • Decothane is cold applied thus eliminating the risk of fire during installation.
  • High solids, VOC compliant to 2004/42/CE.
  • BBA Certified system.
  • Highest fire ratings once installed (BROOF (t4))
  • Fast curing, developing early rain resistance.
  • Excellent adhesion to most conventional substrates.
  • Decothane is quick and easy to apply.
  • Decothane systems cause minimal disruption and require very low maintenance.
  • Decothane has excellent elastic properties making it UV stable and tolerant of thermal movement.
  • Decothane can be applied all year round in temperatures above 2°C
  • Decothane is approved to ETAg 005 (Part 6)
  • Decothane systems have a product guarantee and final inspection certificate if installed by a Sika Liquid Plastics Quality Assured Contractor.



Product Data Sheet: Decothane Base Coat

Product Data Sheet: Decothane Top Coat


Decothane Root Resistant Waterproofing Membrane

A root resistant version of Decothane is also available and is used as a roof membrane within our inverted, ballasted and green roof systems. This product has been fully tested to FLL and DIN 4062 5.7 Root Resistance Test to conclusively prove that the membrane cannot be penetrated by the roots of plants.



Product Data Sheet: Decothane Root Resistant Base Coat

Product Data Sheet: Decothane Root Resistant Top Coat


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