Decothane Ultra: The Next Generation of Liquid Roof Waterproofing

50 Years Experience of Research & Development

Sika Liquid Plastics have been manufacturing high performance protection and waterproofing systems for over 50 years. In that time, our pioneering research and development has ensured continual advancements in the technology and production of Decothane, our flagship product.

High Performance, Cold Applied, Seamless

Through our history, these product advancements to Decothane have been customer focussed and driven to meet market demands. The Decothane family of products are high performance, polyurethane coatings, which rapidly become resistant to rain damage. They are cold applied, eliminating the risk of fire in an occupied building during installation and cure to form a completely seamless waterproof membrane. These product benefits over traditional roofing systems have enabled liquid waterproofing to become the fastest growing sector of the flat roofing market.

Low Odour

One of the main challenges facing the use of solvent based liquid applied waterproofing, in various refurbishment situations, still relates to the odour emitted during and for a period after application, which is a result of the product’s drying and curing processes. This posed a significant product development challenge, to achieve a successful outcome without compromising other aspects, such as how the products handle on site or what reinforcement can be used.

Low Odour for Sensitive Sites

Through careful engineering and true innovation, Sika Liquid Plastics have developed Decothane Ultra using patented technology to enable use on highly sensitive sites, such as hospitals, food manufacturing plants and schools. Although traditional Decothane emits very low odour when compared to many other liquid systems, these markets have always traditionally been more averse to using liquid applied membranes in case of complaints which could potentially disrupt operations.

Decothane Ultra

Decothane Ultra establishes a new benchmark amongst single pack polyurethanes and presents opportunities for architects, specifiers and contractors, to use liquid waterproofing within these niche and specialised markets.

Research & Development

Built for your environment: A Solution for Sensitive Areas

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