Decopad and Levelling Shim

Paving support pads are recommended when paving slabs have been specified on a project to protect the waterproofing and allow drainage by letting the water flow between the slabs. Decopad and Levelling Shim are made of high density polyethylene (HD-PE).



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Sika Leafguard

The Sika Leafguard is made of rigid high quality polypropylene. It is tough and durable and is ideal as gravel and leaf protection for various roof drains in flat roof systems particularly in a refurbishment situation.



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Flat Roof Outlets

Sika Liquid Plastics Flat Roof Outlets are stainless steel with an integral SBS modified bitumen reinforced membrane flange, that can be used in conjunction with Sika Liquid Plastics liquid applied membranes.



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Adjustable Soil Vent Pipe

Stainless steel, telescopic adjustable pipe and cowl with bituminous membrane flange.

Vertical Outlet

Stainless steel roof outlet with flexible bituminous membrane flange - vertical spigot length 400mm.

Flat Roof Outlet - Vertical Leaf Grate

Adjustable leaf grate, can be used to replace missing leaf grates, 207mm x 207mm overall.

Flat Roof Outlet - Horizontal Outlet and Leaf Grate

Stainless steel outlet with flexible bituminous membrane flange - horizontal spigot 400mm.

Roof Cable Access Pipe

Stainless steel, upstand pipe with bituminous membrane flange and polypropylene elbow bends - vertical spigot height 250mm