Carrier Membranes provide a smooth and consistent surface prior to the application of liquid applied membranes. This can be as part of a built up roof system and other key systems.

Carrier Membrane

Sika Liquid Plastics Carrier Membrane incorporates a dimensionally stable glass reinforcement and a modified elastomeric coating, providing a highly effective carrier membrane.



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Relevant primer for sheet products

Primer 610 Spray

Primer-610 Spray has been specifically developed to provide the necessary preparation to certain substrates and ensure the adhesion S-Vap 7000 E DP to Decotherm and various substrates.


The spray application significantly improves the speed of application by up to 75% and it dries in matter of a few minutes. The quick and easy spray application method will help speed up the installation of Sika Liquid Plastics Built Up Roof System, saving time and money.



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