Each green roof should be tailored to the environment in which it is to be installed in order to achieve the objectives sought from it.


The choice of how to achieve the desired finish will be driven by many factors such as cost, desired plant coverage at installation, aesthetics, biodiversity etc.

Whether sedum, wildflower or combined planting, the green roof system chosen will need to be constructed in such a way as to successfully replicate key functions of nature at roof level, these include the storage of suitable volumes of water and nutrients to sustain plant life and drainage or excess volumes of water.

Any green roof system whether extensive, biodiverse or intensive is configured from a number of components that perform vital functions.

Types of Green Roof


A roof that is similar in composition to an extensive roof, but designed specifically to create a habitat.


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A lightweight, low-maintenance roof system, typically with succulents (such as sedum) or other hardy plant species.


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Intensive Green Roofs

A version of a green roof, often referred to as a roof garden, designed primarily for recreational use usually requires structural consideration to accommodate additional weight.


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