Sika Liquid Plastics has expanded its range of metal roof coating systems, to provide asolution for every project requirement, and every budget, within the new Sika Pro-Tecta range.


Profiled Metal Roofs
Profiled Metal Roofs
Profiled Metal Roofs

Introducing an enhanced Sika Pro-Tecta system (SikaRoof PU-20 iCure), incorporating a new high performance Sikalastic-701 top coat based on PU/Acrylic aliphatic technology. The new system is designed for use over Sikalastic-625N, with excellent weathering performance, UV resistance and gloss retention.

Profiled Metal Roofs

Features and Benefits:

  • Sikalastic®-701 is a high performance hybrid top coat
  • Designed for use over Sikalastic-625N with excellent long term weathering performance, UV resistance and excellent gloss retention.
  • High SRI value and excellent long term weathering performance
  • Excellent resistance to dirt pick up and very low soiling
  • Sika patented technology
  • In-Pail Tinted to a range of RAL shades
  • Easy application - thin layers applied by roller/airless spray
  • Sikalastic-701 applied at 0.4lm2 unlike any other coatings

System Build Up

Metal Roof Waterproofing

Prime Existing substrate as required and apply

Sika® Joint Tape SA (side laps, end laps and bolt heads)



Metal Roof Waterproofing

Sikalastic® 625N - Light application of coating to Sika® Joint Tape SA  

Metal Roof Waterproofing

One coat of Sikalastic-625N (0.75 Litres per M2)

Sikalastic-701 high performance top coat (0.4 Litres per M2)

Watch the video application of Sika Pro-Tecta 20 Year System

metal roof waterproofing

Sika has extensive experience in the full waterproofing of metal roof systems, using our high performance liquid membranes.

The specification of our liquid systems, as a full waterproofing solution, offers many benefits, including, cost, speed of application, and minimal disruption to building operations – backed by a full waterproofing guarantee. Alongside the Sika Pro-Tecta 20 year system, we offer further waterproofing systems engineered around our two flagship polyurethane membranes: Sikalastic-625N and Decothane Ultra as a low odour option.