Decolight Rooflight Systems

Polycarbonate Rooflights and Upstands

Decolights for Flat Roof Systems Polycarbonate Rooflights thermoformed from polycarbonate sheet and are available in single, double or triple skin construction.   Decolights for Vertical Installations The Decolight Vertical is a window over sleeve, developed for vertical applications.  It is a multi-wapped polycarbonate sheet, with co-extruded UV protection on the outside.  Ideal where thermal value, light transmission, solidity and easy installation is important.  Eg: for translucent front finish of industrial buildings, shelters, clerestory vertical glazing in schools, sheds, inner tracks and sports centres, shopping centres and showrooms.

Decolights for Flat Roof Systems
  • Single, double or triple skin construction available
  • Various shapes including dome and pyramid available
  • Extensive range of sizes available
  • Deemed ‘non-fragile’ when specified with polycarbonate glazing
  • Energy level compliance when tested to pr EN 1873
  • Class B, when tested in accordance with ACR(M):001:2005
  • Manufactured to BS ISO 9001
  Decolights for Vertical Installations
  • Excellent U Value of 0.99W/m²K
  • High impact strength tested to EN0873-1200J
  • Good light transmission (LT) of 62.5%
  • Multi-walled Polycarbonate sheet
  • Fast and simple to install
  • No need to remove existing glazing
  • No internal access required
  • Minimises building work and disruption
  • Manufactured to BS ISO 9001