Sikalastic® Rapid Levelling Mortar

Three component, PMMA based self-levelling mortar

Sikalastic® Rapid Levelling Mortar is used as a protective layer, thick film coating or equalising mortar.
As part of Sikalastic® Rapid Trafficable (Waterproofing & Wearing) System it protects the waterproofing layer against the impact of foot traffic on account of its load distributing effect (protective layer). In the case of areas that are either free from cracks or have only hairline cracks, it is used as a thick film coating without the waterproofing layer as part of the Sikalastic Rapid Trafficable (Wearing System). Furthermore it is used as an equalising mortar to level out areas of damage and up to 10mm height differences.  

  • Fast-curing
  • Easy and fast application
  • Cold applied
  • Solvent-free
  • Seamless membrane