Lancaster City Council has completed the first in a number of social housing refurbishments at Park House using Sikalastic® 625 to refurbish the roof.

A multi-occupancy tower block, constructed circa 1960, Park House is made up of one and two bedroom flats. The project not only involved working at height, but was also refurbished while remaining fully-occupied during the five-week project, so health and safety was a particular priority.

social housing
Image: Completed


Lancaster City Council specified Sika’s Sikalastic® 625 for the scheme having used Sika products on previous projects. In this instance, Sikalastic® 625 was specified because it met the required performance criteria, was the most cost effective solution and offered a robust, 20-year guarantee.

An area technical manager from Sika carried out an initial site survey and provided a detailed technical specification, including condition report to the council, along with a list of approved contractors.


One of Sika Liquid Plastics’ Quality Assured Contractors, Designed Roof Systems Ltd, was then appointed to the project and provided all the necessary health and safety equipment including appropriate edge protection, a materials hoist and ingress/egress management for all phases of the project to ensure the safety of the team and the residents.

Mick Devlin, managing director at Designed Roof Systems Ltd, explained;
“We removed the existing stone chippings to expose a severely damaged asphalt deck, with significant water ingress. Once the roof had been stripped back, cleaned and prepared, we used Sika foaming adhesive to apply 130mm of Sika PIR Decotherm insulation board to the roof area.”

The installation team then installed Sika’s S-Vap 5000E DP self-adhesive carrier membrane, prior to the application of the Sikalastic® 625 roofing system. A contrasting coloured top coat of Sikalastic® 625 was then applied to the 380m2 roof to complete the build up. In addition, the roof’s original roof light was removed in the strip out phase and replaced with a Sika Decolight.

During the project, two walkways were created between the roof door and the plant room, using Sika’s Deco Mineralised Grit anti-slip finish, so that essential maintenance could be carried out in a safe manner.

For the plant room, where no insulation was required, the S-Vap 5000E was applied directly onto the concrete before the Sikalastic® 625 roofing system was installed.

Upon completion of the project, Danny Howard, contract administrator at Lancaster City Council said: “The Sikalastic® 625 warm roof provides a robust solution and the 20 year guarantee gives us peace of mind and ensures our residents can be confident of a well-insulated building with robust protection against waster ingress.

"It’s part of our commitment to ensuring all our social housing assets exceed Decent Homes Standards and deliver optimised life cycles. The results on the project are great, and we were pleased to complete the project within the time frame and budget. We’re looking forward to working with Lancaster City Council again in the future to fulfil any other roofing needs." Sam Kidd, Area Technical Manager - Sika Liquid Plastics