Still often referred to by its former name of Treliske Hospital, The Royal Cornwall Hospital on the outskirts of Truro is the principal provider of acute healthcare services for Cornwall and the medical training partner for Exeter University.

The hospital’s estate includes two modular buildings constructed in the 1980s, which accommodate two wards: one for women recovering from giving birth and their babies and the other for oncology patients receiving cancer treatment. These single storey buildings had undergone a roof refurbishment four years earlier but the dark mineral bitumen and lack of insulation included in the specification at the time caused extremes of temperature on the wards, which were hard to heat in winter and virtually impossible to keep cool during the warmer months.

hospital refurbishment


The client required a white-coloured roofing system that would reflect heat rather than absorbing it to make it easier to manage overheating on the two wards and this had to be simple to install as an overlay and part of a warm roof build up.

As both of the wards are occupied and operationally critical at all times, it was essential that the specification enabled work to be carried out in a live environment to avoid the cost, disruption and infection control implications of decanting patients to other areas of the campus.


Sika Liquid Plastics’ Quality Assured Contractor (QA) Western Flat Roofing was appointed to carry out the project and the low odour, cold-applied system Sikalastic 650 (STP) was chosen. Sikalastic 650 (STP) was available in any RAL number, so a white coloured membrane was selected to minimise heat absorption through the roof.

With the specification agreed, the existing roof surface was prepared and the Western Flat Roofing team installed insulation before applying the Sikalastic 650 (STP) system in a single wet-on-wet process.

"There was a considerable amount of roof-top plant for us to work around on the roof and the ease of installation offered by the Sikalastic 650 (STP) system ensured that we were able to address the detailing requirements of the project and provide a neat and robust finish." Steve Nicholas, Western Flat Roofing