Located on Northolt Road in the London suburb of South Harrow, Station Parade has a row of shops at street level with two storeys of residential accommodation above, comprising a mix of private ownership and rented apartments.



All apartments are accessed at the rear of the building via stairs and walkways and the existing asphalt walkway surfaces had blistered, causing various leaks and creating a trip hazard for residents. There was an urgent requirement to carry out the walkway refurbishment while the building remained fully occupied and with minimal disruption for occupants.

The building’s flat roof had also reached the end of its service life, requiring a refurbishment to protect the apartments from water ingress.


With its rapid cure, ease of installation and hard wearing formulation, Sika Liquid Plastics’ Sikalastic® Rapid provided the ideal solution for the Station Parade walkways.

Following a site audit by the Sika Liquid Plastics’ team to carry out a condition survey on the building, a full technical specification was developed and Sika Liquid Plastics’ Quality Assured (QA) contractor, Heartfelt Roofing, was appointed to carry out the refurbishment.

The contractor began by carrying out patch repairs on the existing asphalt surface before installing the Sikalastic® Rapid self-levelling mortar resin to each section. The programme was sequenced to maximise access for residents and the typical Sikalastic® Rapid cure time on the project was less than 40 minutes, minimising disruption to residents.

Where a resident had an urgent need to gain access, HeartFelt Roofing used Sika Liquid Plastics’ Sikalastic® Rapid Catalyst. By adding the powder catalyst to the liquid membrane, the contractor was able to reduce the cure time to just 20 minutes where required.

The liquid waterproofing system also enabled fast and easy encapsulation of the drainage channel and outlets on each walkway.

With the walkways completed, Heartfelt Roofing carried out the roof refurbishment as an overlay. The existing mineral felt substrate was used as the vapour control layer and, following cleaning and preparation of the surface, the contractor was able to use Sika Liquid Plastics’ Decothane Gamma 20 without the need for any primer.

"Sikalastic® Rapid’s ease of application and fast cure gave us the solution we needed to manage resident access to the properties with as little disruption as possible during the refurbishment of the walkways. Meanwhile, using the cold liquid applied Decothane Gamma on the roofing element of the scheme also ensured that this element of the works was fast and fuss free." Rob Milman - Heartfelt Roofing