Manchester Place, Vauxhall Street, Globe Place and Somerleyton Gardens are social housing apartment blocks in Norwich managed by NPS Group, a property consultancy and management company wholly-owned by the public sector.
All five blocks needed a varied programme of works to upgrade the fabric of the buildings. The four-storey buildings feature walkways for residents to access their homes on the upper floors.



Refurbishment of the walkways was required as part of a wider upgrade programme delivered by main contractor, Thomas Sinden. The existing asphalt covering had been damaged and the resulting water ingress was not only causing leaks into the properties below but was also compromising the building fabric with signs of damp in the external walls.

The project had to be carried out while the apartments remained occupied so it required a solution that could be installed quickly with minimum disruption to residents and excellent performance over an extended service life.


To enable residents to remain in their homes throughout the works, Sika Liquid Plastics’ rapid cure, hard wearing Sikalastic Rapid® was specified for the project.

Before the new waterproofing membrane could be installed, extensive concrete repairs were required due to the replacement of the walkways’ handrail system. New concrete gutters were also installed on the walkways to aid drainage following the refurbishment. Sika Liquid Plastics Quality Assured (QA) Contractor, Allard Construction, also carried out repairs to the existing asphalt surface to enable the Sikalastic Rapid® to be installed as an overlay.

The rapid cure time provided by Sikalastic Rapid® not only helped the contractor to maintain access to the properties during installation of the cold-applied system, it also facilitated easy co-ordination of works with the concrete contractor.

"In the past, walkway refurbishment jobs like this have been challenging because we have had to arrange temporary access for residents because the system we used took hours to cure. We’ve even encountered problems on some previous jobs after residents have walked through the wet surface, causing delays with the project and damage to clothes and carpets. With Sikalastic Rapid®, all those issues were avoided. The product offers such a rapid installation and cure that the project was very straight forward and the completed walkways are now guaranteed for 20 years." Aaron Chapman. Director - Allard Construction