Environmental responsibility is a key consideration for Sika Liquid Plastics and is reflected in our achievement of the internationally recognised ISO14001 standard and the continual development of our Environmental Management System.


As such we strive to develop high quality, long life products, ensuring that the whole life performance is maximised. Further to this with the installation of a Product Life Extension System the life of a Sika Liquid Plastics roof can be extended by 10 years at the end of the initial guarantee period.


The application of a Life Extension System can be repeated time and time again, reducing the materials required from the original Sika Liquid Plastics Specification and in a cradle to grave situation this offers huge potential life cycle cost reductions over the building’s lifetime.

GRI to G4

The GRI framework is a reporting system that provides metrics and methods, used by 75% of the top 250 companies in the world, for measuring impact and performance.


By using the GRI Guidelines, for our annual report we are identifying and disclosing our most critical impacts on the environment, society and the economy.


We generate reliable, relevant and standardised information with which to assess opportunities and risks, and enable more informed decision-making – both within the business and among its stakeholders.

Sika's Six Sustainability Targets: More Value, Less Impact

More Value

Economic Performance

Our success directly benefits all stakeholders.

5 Year Target: Operating profit (EBIT) above 10% of net sales.

Sustainable Solutions

We are leading the industry. We are pioneering a portfolio of sustainable products, systems and services.

5-Year Target: All new product developments assessed. All road map projects implemented.

Local Communities/Society

We build trust and create value – with customers, communities and with the society.

5-Year Target: 5% more projects per year.

Less Impact


We manage resources and costs carefully.

5-Year Target: minus 3% per ton and year.


We increase the water and material efficiency.

5-Year Target: minus 3% rate per ton and year.

Occupational Safety

Our people leave the workplace healthy.

5-Year Target: accident rate minus 5% per year.