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Disposal of Waste Product

Q. How do I dispose of waste product?


A. Where residual material has fully cured the material poses no threat to health, safety or the environment. Therefore containers coated with fully cured residues do not need special disposal considerations. However, where the tins carry hazard warnings such as transport diamonds or orange squares denoting chemical hazards, these markings should be covered, removed or otherwise obliterated. If these are not removed there may be difficulties at the disposal site as the markings indicate that the contents are hazardous. However, where residual material has not cured or a skin has formed on the surface this must be disposed as hazardous waste and any markings denoting hazards must remain.


Q. Can I return materials?


A. If you find yourself in an instance whereby material that has been received is either damaged or faulty upon application, you can contact our Customer Services Helpline on 01772 255022 for further advice.

Material that has been over-ordered or ordered incorrectly is unforutnately not eligible for returns.

Sika Liquid Plastics QA Contractors

Q. I need a Sika Liquid Plastics QA Contractor for a project I have.


A. To request a list of Sika Liquid Plastics Quality Assured Contractors, please click here


Q. Do I have to use your insulation?


A. To qualify for our full Product Guarantee and Final Inspection Certificate all products must be supplied and invoiced by Sika Liquid Plastics including the insulation. Where a third party product is supplied (not part of the Sika Liquid Plastics System) a guarantee will be issued for materials purchased under separate cover.


Q. What primer do I use?


A. There are a variety of primers to suit various situations, more information can be found about our primers here.

Alternatively please contact our Technical Services Team on 01772 255015

Coverage Rates

Q. What is the coverage for......?


A. The coverage rate of the specified system is designed to provide a robust waterproofing membrane which will last for the term of the waterproofing/system guarantee period and beyond.

Hygiene Systems

Q. I need your hygiene system


A. Our hygiene coatings are now looked after our parent company Sika, based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. More information about Sika's hygiene coatings can be found here.

Concrete Repairs

Q. I require concrete repairs?


A. More information about Sika's Concrete Repair solutions can be found here.

For further information, please contact our Head Office on 01707 394444


Q. Can you tell me where I can buy your product?


A. All of our products are manufactured and supplied out of our facilities in Preston. Please contact our sales department via reception for further information on;

01772 259781


Q. I cannot find datasheets on your website?


A. All downloadable resources including product datasheets can be found here.

Build Ups

Q. What components are used in the waterproofing build up?


A. Our warm roof/built up roof system can be found here, and our inverted roof system can be found here.


Q. What colours do Sikalastic 618 and Decothane come in?


A. Decothane Top Coat: White, Dove Grey, Shale Grey and Slate Grey

Decothane Ultra: White, Shale Grey, Cloud Grey and Slate Grey

Sikalastic® 618: Pigmented Liquid; RAL 7045, RAL 7009, RAL 7011