Wind Load - BREVe3: Wind load calculations are carried out in general accordance with BS EN 1991-1-4, UK National Annex Method using BREVe3 software. This calculation identifies the risk to the proposed system from high winds.

Sika Liquid Plastics can be fully or partially bonded (dependant on system requirement), each build-up achieves a wind load value (q value) measured in kN/m². This calculation is based on the following criteria;


  • Grid Reference
  • Type of Eaves
  • Degree of Pitch
  • Profile of Roof
  • Hipped
  • Basic Wind Speed
  • Building Height
  • Altitude
  • Orography
  • Exposure
  • Direction
  • Longest Length of the Building


In the situations where a high wind risk is identified exceeding an acceptable value for bonding, additional mechanical fixings will be installed to areas identified within the calculation, or the option to fully fix the build-up can be offered, guaranteeing the security of the installation for the length of the guarantee period.