It is essential to consider the longevity/remaining service life of the building.

Future local area developments/regeneration initiatives may impact on existing structures so it’s important to keep informed.

What is the lifespan of a building and how is it estimated?

The lifespan of a building is how long it will last from when it is first constructed to when it may be replaced/demolished. There are a number of factors which determine the lifespan of the building;


  • Economic - The building may no longer perform efficiently
  • Service - The building may no longer perform as first designed


Once the remaining service life of the building has been determined, Sika Liquid Plastics can offer various solutions to improve both the thermal efficiency and roof waterproofing integrity of the building to meet specific requirements.

Sika Liquid Plastics offers solutions tailored to suit the requirements of the client ranging from 10 year systems up to 25 year systems for both waterproofing and full BUR.


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