Continuing Professional Development

For many years we have produced and presented a full range of Continuing Professional Development Seminars to ensure everyone who works in the roofing industry fully understands the complex nature of roofing and the various options available to them.

As liquid membranes become more prominent in the roofing market, we have found that the demand for our CPD seminars has also increased, and as a result we aim to update every presentation on a regular basis so that we can provide current, relevant, and educational information.

At Your Convenience

Our CPD seminars can be carried out at a time and a place convenient for you and your team. For further details or to book a seminar, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

A full list of the Sika Liquid Plastics CPD Seminars currently available, plus a brief overview of their contents, can be found below:

Reducing & Managing Risk

This RIBA Accredited CPD looks at:

  • Providing levels of required performance & guarantees within your budget.
  • Meeting current & predicted legislative requirements.
  • Reducing the risk of litigation & associated consequences.
Liquid Roofing - The Complete Solution

This CPD looks at:

  • What is the common perception of liquid waterproofing?
Roofing - Cold Fusion Bonding - Utilising Zero Flame, Zero Heat Technology

This CPD looks at:

  • The dangers of traditional hot applied systems
  • Cold fusion bonded systems
  • Decostik the new cold fusion adhesive
Complete Roofing Systems Accreditation - A New Concept in Architectural Thinking

This CPD looks at:

  • Roofing system performance
  • Benefits of full system accreditation
  • Sika Liquid Plastics cold fusion bonded built up roof system
Inverted Roofs - A Solution for Waterproofing & Utilising Urban Space

This CPD looks at:

  • Why specify an inverted roof?
  • Traditional inverted roof waterproofing membranes
  • Sika Liquid Plastics' inverted roof system
Green Roofs - Bringing Roofs to Life

This CPD looks at:

  • The advantages of a green roof system
  • The different types of green roofs
  • The importance of waterproofing in a green roof system
Asbestos - Hidden Danger, Growing Problem

This CPD looks at:

  • The dangers associated with asbestos
  • The HSE regulations
  • Asbestolok encapsulation systems

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