Reducing Carbon Emissions

As a responsible manufacturer we strive to ensure our specifications, systems, and products comply with building regulations and standards.

Our Decothane roof membrane systems are tested to the highest fire ratings available for roofs and to meet Part B, and our specifications take into account the thermal performance requirements of Part L.

With the increasing emphasis on reducing carbon emissions and the improvements scheduled on a three yearly programme from 2013 to 2019, we provide roofing systems that can be designed to achieve possible future U-values and can easily be thermally upgraded as required.

We anticipate that flat roof U-values are also likely to improve over the next six years from the current limiting value of 0.25 W/m²K down to 0.13 W/m²K or 0.10 W/m²K. We continue to monitor these developments and aim to keep you updated so that you can ensure your roof meets all relevant regulations.

Useful Information

Further information on all current building regulations can be found on the relevant Government’s websites for England, Scotland and Wales

Planning Portal
Communities and Local Government Website

Scotland Building Standards

Wales Building Regulations