It was a big year for Sika Liquid Plastics in 2016, thanks to our highest sales growth for several years.


It was also the year that the UK voted to leave the EU. While the effects of Brexit on the value of pound have prompted continuing currency volatility in 2017, the good news for specifiers using Sika Liquid Plastics systems is that our products are protected from this because we are a UK manufacturer.

As a result, while Brexit has already started to affect pricing for many roofing systems, we have already committed to a price freeze across the core Sika Liquid Plastics product range until at least the end of Q1.

Pete Hollingworth, National Sales Manager, Sika Liquid Plastics

Ongoing uncertainty as we wait for the Government to trigger article 50 means that pricing will continue to dominate specification decisions this year. With prices rising by double figures in some cases, our price freeze not only means that schemes can be specified for less; it also means that specifiers and contractors can be confident that the project can be delivered on site for the specified price.

Our UK manufacturing operation also means that we are much better equipped to manage shorter lead times than many other liquid system suppliers.  Uncertainty in the marketplace has prompted a culture of last minute decision making and a resulting requirement for a fast turnaround on site. With next day delivery available across our core product range, this is a market challenge that Sika can accommodate very easily indeed.


Amidst all this talk of uncertainty, 2017 also brings with it plenty of good news.  For Sika Liquid Plastics, it marks the 30 year anniversary of Decothane, a hero product for the sector since it was used on its first roofs – which are still robust and in good order today.

From a wider roofing sector perspective, the great news is that there is lots of work out there. Sika Liquid Plastics had great sales performance in 2016 and that trend looks set to continue in 2017, with education and industrial sectors expected to lead the way in terms of new project opportunities.

Growth in the number of schools converting to academies and the range of Government funding available for upgrading academy school buildings means that there is lots of scope for the roofing sector to capitalise on refurbishment schemes using safe and tested methods of application. Condition Improvement Funding (CIF) is now enabling lots of education sector projects to go ahead and we are working closely with a number of surveyors to help secure funding for academy projects where appropriate.


After an interesting year in 2016, looking ahead into 2017 does involve a degree of unpredictability.  However, building on a long-standing heritage and an established UK manufacturing presence, we are able to look forward with a degree of certainty beyond market expectations.