Pioneer of liquid applied roof membranes; Sika Liquid Plastics has officially launched a brand new mobile phone application, which allows their roofing experts to record findings of a specific survey straight onto their phone.

The mobile app, which has been designed exclusively for the use of Sika Liquid Plastics allows information to be sent directly to the Technical Services team who then produce a condition report, technical drawings and technical calculations; from this information, a technical specification can then be produced and forwarded to the client. All of this information is bespoke to the project and tailored to the clients needs.

Until this app, a salesman would write their own specifications; Technical Services would check and send them out. It was a time consuming, lengthy process that made the checking element extremely cumbersome.

Sika Liquid Plastics’ Steve Cookson said, “ This is how the idea for the app came about - I was asked if I could come up with a way of making our sales team more efficient and whether it was possible to gather enough information within a device about a project including pictures and have the ability to send this to the Technical Services office. By doing this, we could take the whole specification writing process away from the sales person and bring it in house.”

The app offers a number of unique and helpful features; it not only maximises the efficiency of the salesperson but as soon as they’re finished on the roof, users can synchronise the app, which sends the information over the mobile network, allowing them to move onto their next job.

In addition, the app provides benefits for the customer too; it takes days off turnaround time, allows for a specification email to be sent to their client within hours of the salesman leaving the roof and improves the consistency of specifications.

“We work in a very busy and demanding environment where people are always on the go – this app brings our business in line with modern technology and keeps Sika Liquid Plastics at the top as market leaders in our field,” Cookson added.