The central London location and continued occupancy of the prestigious Kensington Hilton Hotel resulted in the specification for a roof refurbishment of a Sika Liquid Plastics Decothane system.

Essex-based roofing contractors, Tower Asphalt Ltd, were briefed to refurbish an existing substrate that had been in place for over 30 years, which had failed and was causing leaks into the building below.

The central location of the hotel and its continued occupancy throughout the roof works resulted in the project being deemed a ‘no noise’ site. Tower Asphalt’s Keith Marzetti comments on how this was achieved: “The safety and the satisfaction of the hotel guests were paramount to our team, and for this reason, the replacement works were carried out as quietly and efficiently as possible. We agreed suitable times with the hotel to minimise disruption and ensure the comfort of the guests, particularly when noisy works were taking place.”

The project required that the chippings from the existing asphalt were removed in preparation for the liquid system. This meant de-scarifying the existing chippings, which were lowered to ground level in bags and placed into a rubbish container. Once removed, the Sika Liquid Plastics waterproofing system was put in place across the 2,000sq m roofing area, allowing a zero flame, noiseless installation, as well as providing the client with a 15-year all encompassing guarantee in respect of materials and workmanship.

As the entire roof area is accessible to staff working on plant machinery, a skid-inhibiting solution was essential and the Decothane Omega 15 system with a skid-inhibiting finish was specified. Tower Asphalt ensured that the entire roof, including access to aerials and satellite dishes were broadcast with grit to fulfil the required safety standards.

Keith Marzetti continues, “All existing leaks have been resolved, and the client has expressed their satisfaction as to the lack of complaints, especially from guests, while the work was in progress – in fact there were none at all! The project was completed on time and on budget and we have since been employed elsewhere within the hotel. All in all a very successful project and great performance from the team at Tower Asphalt.”