As school pupils across the country enjoy long lie-ins and no homework during the summer holidays, many of their schools will be using the break to improve the condition of their buildings.


For a substantial proportion of those schools, the issues they are currently experiencing with their roofs will be nothing new. Often, essential roof refurbishment work has been postponed due to lack of funds and can result in additional maintenance issues with the fabric of the building.


As a specialist in school roofing projects, I have been involved in helping academies address the dilemma of balancing essential roofing works against budgetary constraints since the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) was introduced by the EFA to help schools and sixth forms remain safe and operational.  I’m part of a specialist team at Sika Liquid Plastics that’s focused on helping academies to access the funding available.  

Phil Chell, Area Technical Manager - East Midlands

In this way, working in partnership with specialist surveyors, Sika Liquid Plastics’ can support schools in accessing the money they need to address their roof refurbishment requirements, as well as offering them long-term solutions that can be delivered with minimum disruption, either during the holidays or in term time.


Indeed, over the past year, Sika Liquid Plastics has helped 50 schools to access funding totalling more than £18 million for roof refurbishment projects from the Government’s Condition Improvement Fund. This funding pot has been allocated specifically for supporting schools with academy status in improving their buildings for students and community outreach activities.

Accessing the funding is not always straightforward for schools as the criteria can change and the application process demands exacting information to qualify for a grant. Currently, the application must demonstrate project need (70%), deliverability (15%) and value for money (15%). Again, working in partnership with our network of specialist surveyors, we can contribute valuable data together across all three requirements with condition reports, specification and installation recommendations and competitive pricing.

Best of all for academies, we offer all that support without any upfront financial commitment from the school.

All Saints Academy, Mansfield

Loughborough Academy

With a wide range of low odour and rapid, flame-free installation systems available, Sika Liquid Plastics offers a complete solution for academies that enables schools to carry out essential roofing works without disrupting learning. Our approach includes assessing Academies requirements and specifying the most appropriate system right through to supporting funding applications and recommending a Quality Assured contractor to carry out the work.  It’s a turnkey capability that has seen us increase our academies projects by 650% and we will continue to help schools to address their urgent need for roof upgrades to ensure that children have a safe, comfortable environment in which to learn and thrive.