Research and Development

As a British based manufacturer, quality and innovation are just two of the characteristics replicated throughout Sika Liquid Plastics – visible in our products (such as our flagship products Decothane and Sikalastic), our people, our manufacturing processes, and our research and development.

Since 1963 we have produced an extensive range of high performance, technologically advanced liquid applied coatings and waterproofing membranes for the protection and waterproofing of flat roofs, metal roofs, balconies and walkways. We supply a complete range of cold applied built-up liquid roofing systems including warm roofs, inverted roofs, green roof and solar roof finishes.

As a member of the Sika worldwide group of companies the demand for our products stretches across the globe, and our systems have been installed on many successful projects in the UK, Europe, Middle East and USA. We are leading the way with innovative products for the future, as the construction industry evolves towards safer applications and protection systems with design lives as long as the building itself.


Our mission is to ensure our team enjoys delivering the highest level of customer service. We achieve this by working together across departments, developing cross-functional project teams, and most importantly making sure the customer always comes first.



Research and Development
Sika Chemist


Our Research and Development team comprises a dedicated group of highly qualified scientists all experienced in the development of products and materials for the construction industry. The department undertakes wide ranging and challenging work, primarily in the field of polyurethane and allied chemistries.


Sika Liquid Plastics research and development strategy seeks to maintain our position as a technology leader in the field of surface coatings. This is achieved by co-ordinating our activities across various time frames to deliver both new and enhanced products to our customers and markets today; alongside longer term research that seeks to extend and enhance our existing competencies for tomorrow. In seeking to ensure that our materials meet the requirements of our customers and markets, our Research and Development team is closely integrated with colleagues in Technical Field Support and Marketing. This ensures that the requirements of all parties in the specification and installation of products are suitably established and communicated to all those involvedin product development.


Similarly, our investment in research for the future involves a number of collaborative industrial and academic partners all involved in the development of new and novel materials and knowledge. Through this research the business seeks to achieve its objectives in enhancing levels of product performance; reducing and minimising its environmental impact; and meeting current and future legislative requirements in the UK and overseas.

All of our activities are conducted within the company’s Product Creation Process framework to ensure that new developments are appropriately identified, considered, executed, tested and finally released to the marketplace. This sits within the business' ISO9001 framework and places an emphasis on quality in the execution of all projects.



We operate out of our premises in Preston, Lancashire, where we have a six acre site - home to extensive manufacturing and warehousing facilities.

Since we first moved to the site in 1965 we have made significant investments in both plant and premises and the current manufacturing resource is extremely capable of matching our growth expectations


On site we have a wide selection of polyurethane and water-based reactors, supplemented with an in-can tinting facility which enables us to respond very quickly to customer requirements.

Our dedicated, enthusiastic, and highly trained manufacturing team is very experienced in producing products of the highest quality and to designated specifications. The vast majority of our factory operatives are NVQ qualified in Business Improvement Techniques, and through a recognised and structured approach our lean manufacturing programme ensures we are able to drive through continuous improvement initiatives throughout the manufacturing process.

All of our operations are accredited to ISO 9001 2008 and follow exacting EHS standards (Environmental, Safety and Health) to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

Corporate Social Responsibility
Research and Development


At Sika Liquid Plastics it is our policy to ensure that the conduct of every member of staff is governed by high ethical standards. In turn we also strive to establish sound business relationships with all suppliers to ensure that we only work with those who share our aims and values.

We do not compromise on integrity, and our conduct in the market is performance oriented and fair. Ultimately it is our aim to maintain our position as a forward thinking, conscientious employer, partner, customer, and supplier.


As a leading manufacturer within the construction industry we have adopted a proactive approach to our various social responsibilities. We open our doors to schools for work experience placements, and we’ve hosted events as part of Children Challenging Industry. We also provide business skills and fund raising support to several local charities, and as Investors in People we have a policy to utilise and develop the local skill base.


Environmental responsibility is also a key consideration for us, which is reflected in our achievement of the internationally recognised ISO14001 standard and the continual development of our Environmental Management System.

Having both the office and manufacturing facilities on one site in Lancashire enables us to control and minimise our environmental impact during the manufacturing process, in the use of raw materials and the production of finished products as well as products sourced from external suppliers.


Since our formation we have directed our research efforts towards the development of water based, high solids systems, which minimise the need for potentially harmful organic solvents. As a result, we have always remained well in advance of stringent legislation and continue to lead an international field in the search for environmentally responsible technologies, whilst continuing to provide our clients with dependable, cost-effective materials.